Decoding the Mystery: When Your Electric Club Car Golf Cart Refuses to Go!

Picture this: you’re all set to hit the green, enjoying a leisurely round of golf with your trusty electric Club Car golf cart. But wait, your cart decides it’s not quite ready for action. You hear the ominous clicking of solenoids, and to your bewilderment, your cart refuses to budge an inch. Fear not, as we delve into this golf cart enigma, exploring potential solutions and shedding light on the mystery behind your cart’s sudden standstill.

Decoding the Mystery: When Your Electric Club Car Golf Cart Refuses to Go!

The Clicking Conundrum

It’s a scenario that can leave any golf cart owner scratching their head. Your trusty electric Club Car, equipped with a 36V power system, has suddenly transformed into a stubborn statue. The solenoids, those tiny electrical switches responsible for transmitting power to the motor, are clicking away, but the wheels remain steadfastly planted. First video shows the issue, second video lower on this page shows what we found was wrong!

Possible Culprits

While the clicking solenoids may sound like Morse code from your cart’s mechanical heart, they’re actually communicating a few potential issues:

  1. Battery Woes: The most common culprit behind this issue is often related to the batteries. A weak or dead battery pack can result in insufficient power reaching the motor, leading to the solenoid clicks without movement.
  2. Faulty Solenoids: Despite their rhythmic clicking, solenoids might be malfunctioning or failing to transmit the necessary current to propel your cart.
  3. Controller Gremlins: The controller, which dictates the power flow from the batteries to the motor, can also be responsible for your cart’s unresponsiveness. If the controller isn’t communicating effectively, your cart may stay put.

UPDATE!!! This video we made later has the solution!!!

Tackling the Mystery

While our article doesn’t yet offer a definitive solution, we’re committed to uncovering the root cause of this electric enigma. Our team of experts is diligently investigating the potential issues that could be causing your cart’s mysterious standstill.

Rest assured, as we diligently work to uncover the solution to this puzzle, we’re committed to updating this article as soon as we’ve cracked the code. We understand the frustration of being stranded on the course, and we’re determined to help you get back to enjoying the game with the peace of mind that your electric Club Car will be up and running.

The mystery of the clicking solenoids and the motionless electric Club Car golf cart may puzzle us for now, but rest assured, we’re working hard to unveil the solution. Until then, keep an eye on this article for updates and potential remedies that will have your golf cart back on the green and gliding effortlessly in no time. Your electric cart’s puzzling behavior won’t stand a chance against our dedication to resolving this unexpected golf cart conundrum.

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